Ideas behind the Film

The film is very loosely inspired from “The Name of the Rose” by Umberto Eco.

But the main topic of the movie is the Confucian concept of  (Ren/Jen), that is to say, according to the reading of the sinologist Herbert Fingarette: “the magic power of the individual to accomplish her/his will effortlessly”.

Following this understanding of humanity, and in relation with the Etruscan sacred science Etrusca Disciplina, the aim of the film is to display both the multiplicity of the human experience and a shared horizon of secular sacredness in contemporary world.

Through a cinematic language of docufiction, mokumentary, fiction and animation, the project aims at disclosing the Bakhtin‘s ideas about the Laughter as a force which is able to overcome fear because is uninhibited and limitless.

And that is precisely why the story will develop in a very light but deep way according to the teaching of the Chinese philosopher, Chuang Tsu.